Cinema23 is a platform for the promotion and visibility of cinema made in Ibero-America. This region includes Latin America, Spain and Portugal. Cinema23 is formed by people with outstanding career trajectories mainly from the Ibero-American film community.

Cinema23 supports creative exchange and cooperation among the different cinematographies from the region. Our various projects focus on promoting and safeguarding the contemporary Ibero-American film culture, reaching new audiences and sharing industry-related data, to give visibility and recognition for those who make films possible and their cinema.

Cinema23 refers to the 22 countries of our region: Latin America, Spain and Portugal plus those who work outside those countries and the ones from abroad that work here or closely with our cinematographies.
Iberocine is the former name of the association.

The association

The Cinematographic International-Iberocine, a.k.a. Cinema23, was founded in 2012 in order to promote the region’s cinematography.

The aim of this non-profit organization is to generate more interaction among the Latin-American, Spanish and Portuguese film industry, generate a wider and a more participatory community, build audiences and safeguard, collect and disseminate ideas of the contemporary Ibero-American film culture. It celebrates, recognizes and provides visibility to the cinema made in this region and to those who make it.

Cinema23 takes part on building a stronger culture of film appreciation to reach, captivate and impact a wider audience without making a distinction between art-house films and movies for the general public.

Cinema23 seeks a more participative community amongst its members, who are part of different groups that make up the Ibero-American film industry. It promotes dialogue between filmmakers*, programmers, film critics, academics and distinguished industry members whom have contributed to the development of cinema. So far, Cinema23 gathers almost 300 professionals mainly from Mexico, Latin America, United States, Europe and Canada working in various technical and creative areas of filmmaking.

*Cinema23 refers to filmmakers as people involved in the making of film: directors, producers, actors, actresses, screenwriters, cinematographers, editors, art directors, sound designers, musicians and costume designers.

Jose Carlos Avellar talks about cinema made in Ibero-America

Avellar 2 esp

Last October 22th, in the frame of the 11th Morelia International Film Festival, Cinema23 organized a conversation between Jose Carlos Avellar (renowned Brazilian film critic) and Eduardo Thomas (audiovisual artist, programmer and curator) on Cinema made in Ibero-America at the Ruben Romero Theater, with an attendance of 60 people, including press, guests and the general public.

The conversation was broadcast online by the festival. To watch the video, click on the link below.
CONVERSATIONS: José Carlos Avellar and Eduardo Thomas.

To know more about Jose Carlos Avellar´s work, click here.